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Television entertainment has come along way over the years. Primetime shows have really come into their own with computer generated scenes and slick editing. It’s really amazing if you think about it, and a shame that the content has not kept up with the technology. I remember a time when entertainment was the objective. Today, politics and political correctness have infiltrated with a vengeance making you and I the casualties.

The News and Entertainment Industry have always used television programs to influence everything from how we perceive life to what detergent we should use to wash our clothes. They succeed because we are being out gunned by two powerhouses specifically designed to influence thought. We are being brainwashed, and most of us don’t even know it.

OK, the veil has been lifted, and you now know the identity of the man behind the curtain. (Sorry about that, I watched the ‘Wizard of Oz’ last night and it seemed appropriate.) For those that live in a free society, you have a choice. Do I go on in ignorant bliss or do I choose to view events with ‘new eyes’? I highly recommend the second approach as it can be quite illuminating when done properly.

The next time you watch a prime time show, chances are strong that you will be witness to a nice attempt at brainwashing. At this point in time, the most popular is to portray an abnormal lifestyle as normal. Another is to mix a lie among basic truths. In both cases, it can be very subtle while others are extremely obvious. This technique is designed to blur the line, or if you prefer, tell a lie enough times and eventually it will be perceived as the truth. They know the key to success is repetition. If they don’t get you this week, well there’s always next week.

The next time you watch a primetime show and see what I have described, you will be thrilled. The next time you will feel only disgust and wonder why everyone else doesn’t see it. But before you get too upset with everyone else you must remember many are not seeing or hearing what you are. Your brain is in gear, your new eyes are focused, and you see things as they really are. You are no longer deceived by slick packaging. You may then ask, “I see what is happening, but where does that leave me?” It leaves you my friend at the beginning of wisdom.


Written by Lord Crimson

November 13, 2006 at 3:45 pm

Posted in Television

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