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From time to time, I like to read the blogs of those that have an opinion about the Iraq war. I often see posts by those who express joy in what they perceive as the US losing the war. You might expect this from the enemy, but to rejoice when your own country faces defeat is beyond words. Thankfully, this is not the majority. just the most vocal.

There are many around the country who voice hate and contempt for President Bush for taking the US into an unnecessary war. If we were to push personal politics aside for a moment and look at this objectively, we would discover many of the complaints are valid. It’s not so much that the war is unnecessary, but more how the war is being conducted. The brutal truth is war is difficult enough without politicians forcing soldiers to fight using politically correct tactics.

We also can’t forget that the Democrat leadership is not just bystanders in all of this. They are guilty of giving encouragement to the enemy and love to criticize all the while offering zero solutions. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi seem to rejoice at every opportunity to dishonor the county. Their motivation is to regain power using the battle cry of it’s not what is best for the country, but what is best for the party.

The only solution is when politicians take us into war; at least have the decency to win the thing. The turning point of the Iraq war was when the troops began receiving air conditioners. It meant the offensive was over and our troops are now peacekeepers.

In 1945 they knew how to win. Go on the offensive until the enemy surrenders or is dead. Then there will be peace. Since then, no wartime administration has grasped the importance of this principle and as a result disgraced themselves and this country.

On your quest for wisdom you must remember that during a time of war, there is no substitute for victory. The military was designed to fight and win wars, not be policemen. Use them properly and they will get the job done.

Written by Lord Crimson

December 8, 2006 at 4:11 am

Posted in Iraq

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