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Hillary Clinton Hillary Rodham Clinton believes her presidency is a forgone conclusion so she is making plans, big plans. This weekend she told college Democrats at the University of South Carolina that she would create a national academy to train public servants.

“I’m going to be asking a new generation to serve,” she said. “I think just like our military academies, we need to give a totally all-paid education to young men and women who will serve their country in a public service position.”

So, let me get this straight. A national academy with the lure of an all-paid education for those that are willing to serve. Excuse me while I check my drivers license. Nope, it says right here that I wasn’t born yesterday. Therefore I believe a more exacting term would be an indoctrination center paid for by the taxpayers for the benefit of all that are willing to enlist with the singular purpose of growing a larger government. It’s a shame no one bothered to ask the curriculum. I suppose there will even be brown, no, politically correct, environmentally friendly green uniforms that the “Hillary Youth” will be sporting.

However, there was one bright moment during Clinton’s speech when an older woman carrying a sign and yelled at Clinton, “She doesn’t care, all she wants is the power!” Unfortunately, confused and misguided students shouted down the woman and pushed her from the room.

Later, in Beaufort, she told supporters that she was running for president “because I think we can set big goals again. There is still so much to be done.” She then mentioned universal health care, ending dependence on foreign oil, expanding early childhood education and safely withdrawing troops from Iraq.

It went unnoticed that she failed to elaborate on just how to achieve these magnificent feats without bankrupting or disgracing the country. I tremble to think of what her idea of a solution is, but to the blue hairs in attendance it sounded good. So good in fact Clinton supporter, Helen Gilbert, 75 said, “She knows so much and she’s done so much and she’s been involved so much. She’s going to be the president. I think it’s about time, don’t you?”

Well Helen, since you ask, “NO!”


Written by Lord Crimson

July 29, 2007 at 7:13 pm

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