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Freedom Stanislav Shmulevich, 23, a Ukrainian immigrant awaits arraignment on hate crime charges after he threw a Quran in a toilet on two separate occasions. When confronted by detectives with a surveillance photo of himself leaving a Pace University meditation room where the Muslim holy books were stored, He made “admitting statements” after seeing the photograph.He was charged with criminal mischief and aggravated harassment, both hate crimes. No not vandalism, destruction of private property, littering, or even the willful drowning of a book, but a hate crime.

Shmulevich can thank the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) who are already screaming “Islamophobia!” CAIR and Muslim student groups applied pressure by demanding hate crime charges and are also demanding that the school make an example of Shmulevich. There certainly seems to be a whole lot of demanding going on at Pace University.

But before we jump on the bandwagon to save Shmulevich, let’s examine this incident a bit closer.

There is much more to this than the murder of a book. We also have the systematic destruction of the right for anyone to speak out or question Islam. This action was made to order for CAIR and in what they are trying to accomplish. So much so, it made me wonder what is this really all about?

Shmulevich’s roommate in Gravesend, Brooklyn, said she was stunned by the charges. “It’s impossible. He was defending the Quran,” said Ola Petrovich. “We had that conversation and Stanislav said don’t criticize the Quran if you haven’t read it.”

“He read the Quran,” she continued. “He was telling me, you should read it.’

Now, I find these statements to be extremely odd, especially about someone accused of destroying a Quran. Why would he do something like this that virtually guarantees he would get caught? He knew the surveillance cameras were present so how did he expect to get away with it?

I submit to you that he didn’t. In fact, it strangely resembles other tactics carried out by CAIR in order to silence the average citizen though intimidation. Stanislav Shmulevich appears to be acting out much like the 6 Imams in the airport all for the sake of a calculated result.

As an added insult or punishment for any other students that haven’t got their mind right, the university said it would offer sensitivity training to its students. That should be loads of fun and a guilt trip that will place all who attend on the same level as a serial killer. It should also serve to silence anyone who might speak out against the oppressive nature of Islam in the future.


Written by Lord Crimson

July 30, 2007 at 7:48 pm

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