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X-Games Adds New Sport

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Officials of the X-Games tour announced that a “waterboarding” event will be included in the next competition. The “sport” sparked the interest of the tour’s governing body when it was banned for use by the military. Although considered inhumane for interrogation purposes, the tour is convinced extreme sports fans will flock by the thousands to see it in competition

“It sounds pretty intense,” said Tim Hargrove, street luge and half-pipe competitor. “We’re always looking for something new and edgy. And if you can die doing it, I’m down.”

X-Game officials say the move will bolster efforts to gain credibility for the tour. “We needed an endurance event,” said Kenny Watson, Executive Director of the X-Game Steering Committee. “The problem was that our target audience has a very short attention span. We thought we’d never find an event that was slow paced but still dangerous.”

The tour envisions a head-to-head, single elimination type competition, with the losing participants applying the water in subsequent rounds. The amount of water would continue to increase until one competitor “caves”. To keep the event as close as possible to the military application, the competition will play out to a background of slash metal music.

Written by Lord Crimson

December 13, 2007 at 9:29 pm

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