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Belgium Remains Terrorist Territory

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Belgium Fades to Islam

Brussels remains a terrorist stronghold after a judge released 14 men who had been accused of plotting to free an al-Qaida prisoner, Nizar Trabelsi, saying there was too little evidence to hold them. A search of the suspects homes failed to uncover weapons or explosives. Since Belgium doesn’t have anti-terrorist laws which allow suspects to be held for longer than 24 hours without charge, they were released.

Even terrorists aren’t likely to store explosives where they sleep. How can anyone investigate a plot of this magnitude in 24 hours? Not only is placing restrictions on yourself in matters like this asinine, it’s national suicide.

We can only hope that the Brussels police will eventually get around to checking places like rental storage facilities or train station lockers. Then again, since the Muslims have a significant political voice in Brussels, they will probably wait until the first series of bombs go off before they again round up the usual suspects.


Written by Lord Crimson

December 23, 2007 at 10:17 pm

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