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The Noisy Wright

With a glee known only by those who profit from the race business, Rev. Jeremiah Wright taunted journalist, the government and white America at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. As the good reverend pandered to a mostly supportive group, it was hard not to notice that the show was no more than an arrogant buffoon stroking his haughty pride and massive ego.

Still, even a buffoon has his uses. Maybe we should thank Rev. Wright for clueing us in on the real Barack Obama. It was nice of him to confirm that what Obama says in public is not what he believes in private. That he will state whatever is necessary in order to fool a gullible constituency.

Rev. Wright also demanded for the US government to apologize for slavery. This irresponsible request shows the level of destruction he has in mind. First there are no slave owners and there are no slaves, so just exactly how would this be helpful? It would open the door to some kind of reparations from people that had nothing to do with slavery for a people who were never slaves. It can only serve as the ignition point for the total destruction of the country for everyone.

The only victory here is to send the America hating Barack, Michelle and Rev. Wright into the dustbin of history. There they can be happy complaining, hating, and swimming in misery. If we don’t it is unlikely that we will ever be able to clean up the mess they will create.

Fortunately Rev Wright just punched another hole in the Obama candidacy. Wonder if he knows the one about God working in mysterious ways?

Written by Lord Crimson

April 28, 2008 at 9:18 pm

22 Responses

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  1. Obama just went up in smoke. It’s still April. And, it’s over.

    Fr. J.

    April 29, 2008 at 12:47 am

  2. Wright is the gift that keeps on giving for Obama’s opponents. Ya think he likes the spotlight? I do. We’ll be hearing more from him.


    April 29, 2008 at 2:54 am

  3. Hi Fr. J.

    Rev. Jeremiah Wright like Barack and Michelle Obama are having their moment in the sun, but like many before them are destined for humility.

    Their fall may not be as we envision, but it will happen just the same. We can hope that their influence is diminished before they can inflict more damage than can be repaired.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    April 29, 2008 at 9:17 am

  4. Hi Neil

    Rev. Wright clearly likes to hear the sound of his voice. It just goes to show that speaking well doesn’t equate with intelligence and vision.

    What is so vile about the man is that he perverts and attempts to hide behind the words of Christ in order to promote his own selfish desires. Unless he is seeking forgiveness I see no reason for him to drag Jesus into the whole sorted mess.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    April 29, 2008 at 10:01 am

  5. Hi LC,

    Unfortunately, I suspect you’re wrong in your assessment of Obama’s chances. He is still in the lead for the Democrat nomination and I don’t really see the SDs throwing the election to Hillary, as that will put said party in long term disarray. Also keep in mind that Obama is much better at raising money than Hillary, and tremendously better than McCain, which would give him a major advantage in the Presidential race. Plus, or so I’d bet, a solid majority of Democrats secretly agree with the insane Reverend, and Barack’s association with Right will just make him seem a better person in their eyes. On a side note, these amateur conspiracy theorists tick me off to no end! Everyone with any sense knows AIDS was developed in a secret research project funded by Fundamentalist Christians as a means of countering the free sex movement that was left over when the counter culture movement of the 60s finally dies an agonizing death from an overdose of Disco in the late 70s – early 80s.

    On the subject of slavery and reparations, I want reparations for the value, with interest and inflation adjustments, of the slaves my wife’s family owned at the time the XIII Amendment was ratified. This was private property taken by the Government for public use, so according to Amendment V, our ancestors were due fair compensation. Slaves, by the way, were very expensive, running anywhere from $100 to over $1,000, which was, at the time, a great deal of money! Last time I bothered to calculate a rough estimate of the current value, the Federal Government owes my wife’s family around $85,000,000, not counting any penalties for pain and suffering.

    As to payments and apologies to American blacks today, if they want to receive such, they should talk to the English and Portuguese, since prior to, and a while after, the Revolutionary War those peoples controlled the slave trade, with assistance from Middle Eastern Muslims who did the dirty work of actually collecting the unwilling victims and marching them to port cities. Oh, and they should also apply to some of the Tribal Leadership who gladly sold some of their excess population to said Muslims. For the period of time after we won freedom for the Country, we as a people must, of course, accept responsibility for the 80 or so years that the detestable practice was allowed to continue. On the other hand, 80 years to change a practice that had been accepted for three or four times as long, by a new Government with many threats both internal and external, and which, for most of that time, really had only weak internal power, was actually a very timely response to the problem.

    There’s more but it seems that I’m ranting, am I not? Sorry.

    the Grit

    the Grit

    April 29, 2008 at 6:25 pm

  6. Hi Grit

    Me… wrong? ouch! Alright, I see your point, but it really doesn’t matter if Obama or Clinton wins. It only matters that enough voters recognize their dangerous lack of vision before the real election takes place.

    Your historical knowledge of slavery is impressive. It’s a shame that the public schools neglect the real story… not that it would matter to those who thrive on the race business.

    If the madness of reparations does happen one solution for those forced to pay these ridiculous dues is to quit your job then walk down to the local welfare office and sign up. Another would be take a page from the French and set up a guillotine, line up congress then send them through one at a time. Not only would justice be served, the TV ratings would go through the roof. Now that’s feel-good politics.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    April 30, 2008 at 9:58 am

  7. Hi LC,

    Never think that Hillary doesn’t have visions. Unfortunately, it seems that most of them involve Bill languishing in a dark, dank dungeon, and her resting on a throne with the prettiest little crown.

    As to the guillotine, you are a constant source of inspiration! Now I just have to figure out what to do with this gift. Perhaps, a weekly “off with their head” award? Time will tell.

    the Grit

    the Grit

    April 30, 2008 at 7:37 pm

  8. Hi Grit

    Visions… I can see that. She never actually said that she didn’t inhale.

    The guillotine should offer a treasure trove of mocking and fun. I am happy to play Watson to your Holmes.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    April 30, 2008 at 10:46 pm

  9. Hi LC,

    Many thinks. Mocking is not as easy a task as most would imagine, so I’m grateful for any help I get.

    the Grit

    the Grit

    May 1, 2008 at 4:35 pm

  10. Hi Grit

    I look forward to your creative abilities regarding the guillotine. If they are half as good as some of your other offerings then we are in for a treat.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    May 2, 2008 at 2:14 am

  11. Hi LC,

    I’m working on it, but usable pictures of beheading devices are proving difficult to find. I may be forced to build my own for use as source material. I’ll ask the friendly, helpful people at Lowe’s for help next time I’m there.

    the Grit

    the Grit

    May 3, 2008 at 5:45 pm

  12. Hi Grit

    Who knows… maybe beheading devices will become popular in the coming years. I expect Lowe’s will be carrying several varieties which will be located near the sickle and shovel display.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    May 5, 2008 at 10:41 pm

  13. Hi LC,

    You may be onto something. Now, we have to figure out which companies will benefit from a growing trend of head lopping, and get in on the ground floor. We might even want to start a small company to catch the high end business.

    Let’s see, chopping blocks custom made from exotic woods, guillotines with gold plated blades and silk lined catch baskets, large axes with decorative carvings and silver inlay on the handle and titanium alloy blades for that perfect cut every time. Oh, and dummies made from ballistic gel for practice and device testing. An instruction manual, Beheading For Dummies, could also be a lucrative endeavor. Also, to capture the techno-geek market, a guillotine that uses an industrial strength laser to do the cutting. How about Behead-O-Matic as a brand name?

    the Grit

    the Grit

    May 6, 2008 at 6:08 pm

  14. Hi Grit

    The Behead-O-Matic sounds like a solid title for a product line. Of course with so many heads flying around folks will need a decorative place to display them. Perhaps the combination head and hat stand would be popular for indoor use.

    For outdoor activities such as when the neighbors get together for the weekly squirrel-pickin’, (no pork for you!) the market might lean more toward the functional. Maybe a row of heads mounted on highly polished tiki-torch poles with the much desired glowing eyes feature.

    What a golden age it will be. 🙂

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    May 7, 2008 at 3:28 pm

  15. Hi LC,

    I like the way you think. However, I have one tiny suggestion that might fit better into the growing “green” marketplace, the display lighting should be solar powered, like those feeble little driveway lights they sell. Nothing, after all, gives an air of justice to mass murder better than some vague environmental concern.

    Oh, and our mascot should look a little bit like Al Gore, but not enough to be a copyright infringement. Oh, oh, and we’ll, obviously, need celebrity endorsements. Fortunately, there seems to be a plentiful supply of them that are either suicidal or stoned enough to think that they are doing a public service ad to meet our needs for a reasonable price 🙂

    Smile Britney! Pull! 🙂

    the Grit

    the Grit

    May 7, 2008 at 7:47 pm

  16. Hi Grit

    The solar powered feature is genius. Very observant of you to notice that batteries will be a growing marketing problem since many already consider them bad for the environment.

    The celebrity endorsement would be a good hook and payment would consist of them becoming inventory. I predict that a line of celebrity heads would be very lucrative.

    The Al Gore model would be extremely valuable since it could double as an object of worship. Kinda like now. It somehow seems fitting that he ends up being displayed atop of a tree limb with a solar panel for a hat.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    May 7, 2008 at 10:30 pm

  17. Hi LC,

    Excellent ideas! I wonder if we can preserve the celebrity heads in glass jars as seen on Futerama and rig them up with motion sensors so they would repeat their stock phrases? At the very least they would be in big demand for Halloween.

    Also, it’s worth considering a toy line to complement the working models. We’d have to use a dull blade, of course, probably plastic. Still, it should be possible to make the heads of the celebrity dolls detach easily, and we could make a bit of extra profit selling a special glue to stick them back on the bodies.

    I’m sure you’ve already thought of this, but the Gore models will have to be certified as being made from 100% recycled materials, and they should probably come with a carbon credit certificate. We might even be able to make it bio-degrade within a few days of purchase, and turn into garden mulch. That should fetch a nice premium.

    Oh, and we’ll have to have a collapsible model for taking on picnics and tailgating. What do you think of a line of ceremonial robes, pitch forks, and torches?

    the Grit

    the Grit

    May 8, 2008 at 5:24 pm

  18. Hi Grit

    What a “heady” discussion we have stumbled upon. Wonder if this is how the bobble-head doll came to be?

    Speaking of Gore, that horse-apple is blaming the cyclone in Burma on global warming. What a miserable creature he must be to welcome death and destruction so his personal agenda will be exalted. Fortunately the scientist aren’t buying it this time and rebuking his proclamations.

    Could it be that Al is loosing his juice… time will tell.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    May 9, 2008 at 12:52 pm

  19. Hi LC,

    I’m not sure about the origins of the bobble-head, but we could include a barbed push pin and some string so the severed heads could be used as yo-yos.

    As to Gore, I’m sure he’s still active behind the scenes, but since Global Warming has already been sold, and is now a done deal, there’s really not much need for him to waste money advertising it any more. Besides, even if he needed more support, his best move would be to not remind non-believers of the massive sacrifices he wants to impose on us until the liberals take their best shot at gaining the White House. On top of that, he’s probably very busy calculating how much he can squeeze out of Hillary and/or Barack in exchange for his influence with the Super Delegates.

    the Grit

    the Grit

    May 9, 2008 at 5:57 pm

  20. Hi Grit

    Severed head yo-yo’s – didn’t see that one coming! 🙂

    I’m waiting to see if Algore has lost any weight recently. If so it could be quite telling to his future political plans. Maybe we should send him a truck load of donuts and pizzas… just in case.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    May 9, 2008 at 6:54 pm

  21. Hi LC,

    I’ve always found unpredictability to be a survival trait, unlike the squirrels around here that run out of the path of cars, then make sudden turns back into the danger zone.

    I too am anxiously awaiting data on Gore’s current weight. Fortunately, given Hillary’s desperate straights at the moment, there’s always the possibility that, like the DC Madam, Al will be found hanging by the neck in his luxury garage, with a convenient suicide note desk explaining that he just couldn’t live with all the pain he’d caused the world with the Global Warming Scam.

    Hope springs eternal 🙂

    the Grit

    the Grit

    May 9, 2008 at 7:39 pm

  22. Hi Grit

    The DC Madam, so conveniently snuffing-it, solved a great many problems which serves to raise even more questions. Still, I’m sure many DC types would rather have the questions floating around than the answers.

    It’s possible Al Gore has some damaging info on some of his colleagues but he doesn’t seem stupid enough to use it on anyone that would cause his early demise. Blackmail on the public… that’s a different story.

    Lord Crimson

    Lord Crimson

    May 9, 2008 at 9:17 pm

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