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Learning Nothing from History

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ObamaCorruptionMany look back upon the Reagan era with fond appreciation. It was a time when government economic interference was at a minimum. Reagan unleashed the private sector, which resulted in a tremendous economic boom that salvaged the nation from the disastrous Jimmy Carter years.

Even after that lesson, it is obvious that the Democrats learned nothing about how to achieve prosperity. Instead of carrying on with Reagan’s, “get out of the way approach” they decided to return to their own liberal delusions of tax and spend.

Now we have Obama, Pelosi, Reid and a teleprompter calling the shots. All are of one mind in that big government is the answer. From their perspective, it is the Holy Grail because such a structure allows each to assume excessive powers not granted. From the viewpoint of prosperity, it’s back to the Jimmy Carter years or worse.

The world has seen leaders like Obama before. Unforeseen events have a way of dealing with such men who think themselves better than they are. Until that time, his avariciousness towards power will create destruction on a grand scale leaving many to crash upon his wake. This is the price and punishment for those who fail to thwart the Obamanation and his opulent designs while there was time to do so.

Written by Lord Crimson

July 7, 2009 at 9:29 am

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