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ObamaCare: A System To Die For

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ObamaCareHey dude, how about a little political correctness with that new health care plan. You must know that in order to handle the extra 50+ million people expected to latch on to the Obama health devastation plan he will turn to unqualified doctors and medical staff.

Why you ask? For the only reason Obama needs – diversity.

The bill known as the, “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009” is filled with unconstitutional race-based preferences in the form of grant money being earmarked specifically for “underrepresented minorities.”

That’s right – the official Obama health care bill grants money for medical training that can only be awarded solely on factors of race and class, not brainpower or academic qualifications.

This may prompt you to ask, since the U.S. Supreme Court just struck down racial preferences, why does a newly introduced bill want to perpetuate something that is unconstitutional? We know that racial preferences will not improve health care. It will increase tensions when some people are unfairly placed at the front of the line.

Who can deny that by making racial preferences a shortcut to federal funding, schools will reduce their quest for the best and turn it into a hunt for the right racial numbers? In the end, this practice can only hurt the quality of our nation’s health care. Doesn’t it make more sense to stop the social experimentation and focus on cost and performance? Why sure it does.

Marxist-in-Chief, Hopey McChange is not only planning to control your life by funneling every one of your health decisions through a centralized bureaucracy, he’s also going to make sure that unqualified doctors get to operate on you because they’re an “underrepresented minority,” not because they’re a qualified physician.

Let’s cut to the chase – This plan is not about enhancing health care, or increasing choices, or keeping you alive, but about getting back at whitey. The plan smells of race, which is intertwined into the mind of this poor excuse for a President. I doubt he has thought about or cares about the unintended consequences, just the goal of sticking it to white America and by extension, Capitalism.

If you support socialized ObamaCare and are slaughtered by one of these “special” doctors while on the operating table then you have no one except yourself to blame… you’ve been warned.

Just For Fun.

Better still, if you are over 60 and a real sport you can choose the ObamaCare approved Cost Savings Option. You enter the emergency room; take your place in line where one by one are lead into the Caring & Giving Room. Here, a smiling ObamaCare worker congratulates you for helping to save the planet and sacrificing for the greater good. You enter the room and are gassed much as the Nazi’s perfected during WWII. No, I tell a lie – it will probably be more like a simple injection or pill, but the result is the same.

How wonderful for your family since they will be spared a large burial expense thanks to the nice crematorium on site for everyone’s convenience.

ObamaCare – working to get rid of those pesky Jews white people “officially” since 2009.


Written by Lord Crimson

July 23, 2009 at 12:28 pm

3 Responses

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  1. At http://www.FaithfulinPrayer.wordpress.com, I’m writing a series of articles outlining what the the actual House bill (h.r.3200) says.
    So far, I’m at Subtitle 2 of Title II of Division A. Tomorrow will be Subtitle 3.
    Join the Journey!

    Jackie Durkee

    July 23, 2009 at 12:52 pm

  2. Hi LC,

    Soylent Green is people!

    The most suspicious thing about Obamacare is the glaring lack of effort to clean up one of the most wasteful aspects of our current health care system, frivolous lawsuits. Heck, the liberals haven’t even offered the deal sweetener of keeping the legal sharks off the doctors’ backs if they submit to Government control. Of course, this will come to a head quickly once the Government realizes that, since they now own a good deal of the insurance industry, that’s their money the trial lawyers are feasting on.

    the Grit

    the Grit

    July 23, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    • Hi Grit

      So instead of cremation you are voting for Soylent Green? I wouldn’t dispute the possibility that is already being served in a few unnamed restaurants.

      The idea about ObamaCare that is difficult to grasp is it isn’t about improving health care, in fact it’s not about health care at all. Other than capitalizing on the race payback issue, Obama is interested in transforming one system of government for another. The health care issue is just a means to an end. It permits the complete government control under the guise of health.

      The evil behind such a scheme is brilliant. This of course is why politicians can’t be trusted as expressed in detail by our founding fathers.

      Lord Crimson

      July 23, 2009 at 5:39 pm

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