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Cash for Clunkers Bites the Dust

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What a surprise, another Obama plan falls into chaos. This time it’s the bureaucratic blunder known as the “Cash for Clunkers” program. From the very start this ill-conceived, poorly run wealth transfer program had no chance of success and will mercifully be put out of our misery on Monday.

The one good thing that has emerged from this blunder is the crystal clear proof of how incapable the Obama administration is of running even the smallest of programs.

Granted, the clunker plan always “sounded” good: Free money toward a new car – who’d complain about that? Unfortunately such a plan turns car buyers into thieves. No matter how you spin this scheme the money is still stolen from other taxpayers. How typical of bureaucrats to come up with a plan to promote moral decay. Guess the old standby of “everyone else is doing it” helps them justify their own corruption.

The telling part about Obama’s failure to run such a program is the cash isn’t reaching the car dealers. The very people his scheme was suppose to help are forced to finance the plan themselves. What is being touted as an “administrative nightmare” has already forced many frustrated dealers to exit the program early.

Now Consider Health Care.

Can you imagine if Congress passes the ObamaCare plan for health care reform? Like every other Obama plan we already know it will be a clunker only this time Americans would be stuck until it bankrupts the nation.

The car program involved all of just $3 billion. Health care is a $2.4+ trillion business, about 800 times bigger.

We also know that ObamaCare aims to control and manipulate as much of our lifestyle as possible – with or without the “public option.”

With the failed example of Cash for Clunkers behind us we must ask –

Will doctors be waiting for reimbursements?
Will patients be waiting to see doctors?
Will government ration health care services?

Of course they will!

Yes, ObamaCare promises greater choice, lower costs, more people insured which also “sounds” good, but we know from experience that these promises will prove just as hollow as what the car program claimed it would do.

This time when Americans discover they don’t like ObamaCare, it’ll be too late.

Your health care is way too important to entrust to bureaucrats. If they can’t run the “Cash for Clunkers” program how can you trust them with health care? The only reasonable thing to do is to also pull the plug on ObamaCare.


Written by Lord Crimson

August 22, 2009 at 11:22 am

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