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Little Barry statue heads back to school

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The promise to move the Barry Soetoro (Barack Obama) statue is coming true.

The Central Jakarta administration said they will move the controversial “Little Barry” statue from its current location at Taman Menteng in Central Jakarta to state elementary school SDN 01 Menteng next week.

“We are currently discussing with officials from the school and its alumni association,” city spokesman Cucu Ahmad Kurnia told reporters Friday. “We hope the move will happen next week.”

US President Barack Obama attended a Muslim elementary school and was indoctrinated by Islamic teachings for almost two years when he spent part of his childhood in Jakarta.

Erected by the Jakarta-based Friends of Obama Foundation in December last year, the statue, which resembles Obama as a boy, recently sparked wide public criticism for insulting the nation’s pride.

On Wednesday, the Central Jakarta District Court held a hearing to try a class action lawsuit by five plaintiffs representing 50,000 members of the “Take down the Barack Obama statue from Menteng Park” group on Facebook.

Although appreciating the administration’s plan to remove the statue, one of the plaintiffs Heru Nugroho said the group would go ahead with its lawsuit saying the statue didn’t deserve a place at the park and should be immediately removed.

“We will only withdraw the lawsuit if the city administration publicly apologizes for its one-sided decision to permit the statue,” said Nugroho.

The world is quickly discovering what a total fraud Barack Obama is as indicated by his falling popularity in the US and around the world.


Written by Lord Crimson

February 13, 2010 at 2:50 pm

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